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About Me

That is me. Just kidding!

But, seriously, this is how you will begin to feel after working with me for some time.

A daily money manager can really
take a lot of stress off of your every day life. Just ask my clients! (More on that later.)


Okay, here's the real me, Sheng, with my daughter. I truly love what I do. As a DMM I can help ease some of life's stressors for you. 

Feeling overwhelmed with:

  • budgeting spending/expenses,

  • organizing bills,

  • managing calendars,

  • end of life planning,

  • caring for family with disabilities,

  • major life changes,

  • or record keeping?

Reach out! There are so many ways I can help you. Let's see what we can accomplish together!



As promised, check out my FAQ page for more info down below!

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